Journey Through Time Masterplan

The Next Chapter in AlUla’s Legacy

The World’s Largest Living Museum

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman AlSaud,
Chairman of the Royal Commission for AlUla
Today, we embark on a journey to preserve the world’s largest cultural oasis and advance our understanding of 200,000 years of heritage.
The Journey Through Time Masterplan is a leap forward to sustainably and responsibly develop AlUla, and share our cultural legacy with the world.


The Design & Spatial Vision


A Cultural Landscape

Next Chapter

in AlUla's Legacy

The Journey Through Time Masterplan is an ambitious roadmap to protect, preserve and sustainably rejuvenate AlUla and form the backbone of the world’s largest and oldest cultural landscape, formed from the combined works of man and nature over millennia. 
Work has already begun across all sectors of AlUla’s development: community, arts & culture, heritage & archaeology, nature & wildlife, agriculture, tourism & hospitality and infrastructure.

Expansion of AlUla Airport

Develop AlUla into an international aviation hub for northwest Saudi Arabia supported through the expansion of the runway, aprons and terminal with annual capacity increasing from 100K to 400K passengers.

International Scholarship Programme

Over five years, with each round, 1,000 students of exceptional potential from AlUla will travel to receive a world-class education.

Revitalising AlUla Old Town

Creating contemporary relevance through conservation. Reviving memories of the community to create a vibrant destination for dining, arts and cultural entertainment.

The Global Fund for the Arabian Leopard

Ensure a viable and sustainably managed population of the Arabian Leopard, its wild prey and natural habitats in coexistence with local communities.

Ashar Resort

Nestled deep within AlUla’s Ashar Valley, this resort offers 82 high-end villas, blending discreetly into the striking natural scenery around it, along with a luxury spa and several gourmet restaurants.


A Guiness World Records holder as the world's largest mirrored building, Maraya is a multi-use venue that reflects rather than competes with its environment.

Winter at Tantora

Over two editions, the festival has welcomed over 56,000 guests to AlUla to see concerts from renowned artists worldwide, including Andrea Bocelli and Omar Khairat, creating direct and indirect jobs for the local community.

Supporting Our Agriculture

The Moringa project has enabled us to create the first-of-its-kind local Peregrina Oil production ecosystem in AlUla. The local Dates Festival is elevating the local economy, supporting farmers, AlUla date products and artisans. In 2020, the festival welcomed 10,000 visitors and more than 240 farmers.


Vision of AlUla


The World’s Largest Living Museum

The Journey Through Time Masterplan is one part of AlUla’s development programme to become the world’s largest living museum and a global destination for arts, heritage, culture and nature.

  • Journey Through Time
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Journey Through Time

This masterplan will accelerate AlUla’s potential as the place to live, work, visit and invest with improved liveability, connectivity and visitor-centric immersive experiences. Click on the hotspots to start exploring.

  • Journey Through Time
  • The Cultural Oasis
  • AlUla Experiential Tram
  • District 1: AlUla Old Town
  • District 2: Dadan
  • District 3: Jabal Ikmah
  • District 4: Nabataean Horizon
  • District 5: Hegra Historical City

Journeys & Experiences

Watch this interactive map to understand new sustainable mobility solutions and concepts. These initiatives will serve both AlUla residents and visitors to support authentic tourism experiences full of contemplation and enjoyment.

  • Scenic Roads
  • AlUla Experiential Tram
  • High Trails & Experience Paths
  • Bike Trails
  • Hijaz Railway Bike Trails
  • Horse Trails


Assets of AlUla

This Journey Through Time Masterplan

Establishes a New Cultural Legacy for AlUla

We reaffirm our commitment to protect and preserve our heritage, while becoming once again a crossroads of cultural inspiration: in dialogue with the world; valuing arts and creativity as an essential layer of enrichment, our quality of life and economy.

The Living Museum


About The Masterplan


Connect & Contribute

Conservation & Preservation

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Maraya Exhibition

Learn more about the Journey Through Time Masterplan by visiting the Exhibition at Maraya.

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