5 Districts by 2035

Visionary Urban Panning


the 5 Districts

District 1

AlUla Old Town

The Historic Crossroads: the heart of culture, creativity and vitality

Set within atmospheric interlinking pathways of Old Town and the Cultural Oasis, Old Town is a nexus of community, cultural production and artistic explorations. Featuring paradigm-shifting Perspectives Galleries, the District champions a flourishing cultural sector through its artistic energy and visionary inspiration.

The Living Museum
The Living Museum

District 2


Dadan, the land of The Ancient Kingdoms of northwest Arabia

With soaring majestic red rocks and enduring mystery, Dadan is an epitome of past human expression contributing to AlUla’s legacy and heritage. District 2 will establish the Kingdoms Institute as a bold statement for knowledge, discovery and inspiration. 

District 3

Jabal Ikmah

Jabal Ikmah, a library of languages inscribed in the ageless rocks of AlUla

A natural and monumental testimony of past times reveals the tracks and writings of the civilisations of AlUla.

The Living Museum
The Living Museum

District 4

Nabataean Horizon

A Nabataean experience to share immersive journeys of wonder

The magnificent rock formations across a sweeping landscape of AlUla on the way to Hegra will become the fourth district of Journey Through Time, Nabataean Horizon.

District 5

Hegra Historical City

The Silent City

Hegra, the southern capital of the Nabataean civilisation, and Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be where visitors will explore the colossal monuments to a vanished Nabataean civilisation.

The Living Museum


Vision of AlUla

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